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Our 'Active Style' is summed up by the phrase 'A wider outlook, greater dependability'
Our companies main focus is on on the production and sale of cable products. To be able to achieve the highest quality and fastest delivery times, we have a thorough control and management system at the heart of our manufacturing and sales process.

ISO9001 Registered
We have attained the ISO9001 standard for high quality goods that go through a satisfactory production process. Our domestic factories are pivotal in being able to produce a vast range or products in small quantities at a fast delivery speed. From product quality to the preparation of our testing facilities, all products are guarenteed not not to be dispatched until they have been carefully tested.

Even our overseas factories in Taiwan & China have also attained ISO9001certification. Like many major domestic manufacturers we have seen positive results through import methodology. Our overseas plants also have the capability to supply a large variety of products in small quantities. For delivery Hong Kong is pivotal, where we are able to receive weekly shipments by sea. When we need faster delivery times for samples and products in small quantities we are able to send and receive air shipments between Japan, Taiwan & China daily. Thus we can attain delivery & transportation with no incompatibles, at the exactly the same rate as domestically available products in Japan. For product quality all products are checked and tested to the same level of Japanese domestically manufactured goods at our testing center in Amagasaki City Japan. You can therefore be have complete peace of mind whilst using our products which have been manufactured overseas.

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