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About Production Machinery Harnesses..
Although we use the term production Machinery harness, they usually exist in many different and unusual varieties of harness. Right from when we as a company were established, this has been key part of our business, right through till we have been placing our main efforts in the production of such large variety low volume goods. We have so far seen great results, but even more so have dealt with cables right from those of extremely long length to those extremely thick in diameter and being able to cope and deliver these in many the different production processes that are neccesary to service such diversity. Generally we can provide for production machinery harnesses that are used by all equipment manufacturers. We can answer your needs in terms of volume also, even for goods which are needed in a small amount of variety and a low volume of output.
Sales Dept.1G, Yugo Sawamoto

Facilities:: It is our pride to have a complete set of applicator's. Of course we also have electrical terminal equipment used frequently by all major goods manufacturers, and even have equipment used for making specialized overseas connectors. Some other equipment abundantly in use by ourselves includes cable cutting machinery and cable stripping machinery. We can provide a manufacturing process to suit any of our customers needs.

Delivery Time: At 'Active' we are endlessly aiming for delivery times that leave our clients completely satisfied. Usually, from the date of the order, even a process that needs approx. 1 month, at our company with an abundance in stock of materials, production facilities and equipment we can get the job done in a week less with our express service. All production staff, production Machinery harness specialists and even every member of sales staff have been carefully put in place to ensure this can happen. With many years of experience and a plentitude of knowledge, with a whole variety of proposal alternatives being able to be made, we aim for the fastest delivery times.

Workflow: In every manufacturing process we have a production manager in place. But due to our unique production management system, we have the ability to closely monitor the exact progress on the manufacturing line, has been a significant tool in reducing delivery times. We can also give you an immediate delivery date. For those customers who are particularly worried about delivery times, we have a safety back up system in place so that we can work with you in complete co-operation.
Technology: Right from the establishment of our company, we have taken great care over large variety, low volume production technology. Due to our production staff's great wealth of experience and knowledge which spans many years, we have been able to achieve the challenge large variety, low volume production. Also being in the middle of a daily cost war, we analyze each manufacturers needs, so that we can make an low cost approach by actively offering you cost linked proposals. We also carry out requested production processes that many other companies cannot offer due to our unique technology & excellent facilities. Today, it is also possible to quickly spot potential problems in the production process before they ever happen.
Qualities: We also have have sales representatives who are available to be dispatched anywhere domestically for face to face meetings and discussions. Also, at our overseas manufacturing plants we carry out production of large variety and low volume goods in abundance. Delivery can also be made directly to your own company's overseas premises where needed. Of course we will fully co-operate with your own needs to keep transport costs down. Right from the large variety low volume harness that are used by thick cables, right to the harness that unite internal wiring, we put into execution the stance of fast delivery at low cost.


Amusement related machines, transportation equipment, semi-conductor installation devices, food / catering industry use machinery, medical equipment.