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Wire Harness

About Wire Harnesses for use in general appliances.
A wire is the electric line, and a harness is the wiring which connects up the main appliance to the circuitry. A wire harness has many uses, they are used in many home appliances, office equipment and amusement park attractions. Today we are entering an age where there is a competitive price war in this industry. How to operate on tighter budgets, how to increase production efficiency, how to reduce the level of excess stock piles, are all these issues which are having a large effect on the industry. Our company focuses on wire harnesses and are produced at our facilities in Amagasaki (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) and China. Whilst keep product quality high we aim at making our costs low.
Sales Dept.1G, Keisuke Inoue

Facilities: Amongst domestic parts manufacturers, we take pride in owning the largest volume of applicator machinary in the Kansai area. Even in our overseas manufacturing plants we have 5 full-auto units which are always running at full operation capacity.

Delivery time: At our company we have a working style that will not make our customers feel distant.
For products that are manufactured overseas, we have established a delivery management style, we aim for delivery to be made within 45 days from taking your order. We have a number of full time employees committed to foreign trade undertakings. From receiving your order we work to get you a final delivery date within 3 days.

Manufacturing Process: Production is all completed under ISO9001manufacturing management standards. A complete quality control structure is in place.

Technology: At our company we accept production requests and orders for customized wire harnesses from all manufacturers of assembled products. This customization includes the processing of the twisting of intertwined cables for noise reduction, tube protection treatment, and band processing. We have a production process that meets all major manufacturers demands.

Qualities: Upon receiving plans from our clients, we not only take the stance of the producer, but we listen as to under what conditions and environments the product will be used, we also try where possible to be able to deliver this to you at low cost. Before production we make good practice of spending time carefully in face to face planning meetings.

Uses: Connection harness for displays,air conditioning products, audio visual and office equipment.