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Switchbox / Printed Circuit Board

About unit goods...
our company deals in various unit goods such as, remote control unit boards, circuit board mounting and many other assembly products. With unit goods we are in an intensive yearly price battle, but for all necessary materials we are self sufficient, by being able to produce the needed added value items ourselves thus pass this total cost reduction down to the customer. Our company supply results can be seen right through switch boxes /control panels, to circuit board, complete units and partially complete units.
Sales Dept.1G, Yugo Sawamoto


Facilities: Facilities needed to make circuit board & metal plate goods are usually arranged in partnership with our affiliate companies. Whom also have ownership of monitoring systems measuring the production process of circuit board manufacturing and copying. Of course production is possible for single side, double sided and multi layer circuit boards.

Delivery Time: Orders of unit goods are 70% produced domestically in Japan, however we provide fast delivery that can not be matched by our competitors. Usually units that require a 2 month production time, we can deliver in 1.5 months. The other 30% that are produced overseas can also be delivered in the same time as products manufactured in Japan. In both manufacturing styles, by gathering an abundant knowledge and a skilled workforce we can provide a quick delivery with which our customers will be completely satisfied.

Workflow: Because of our thorough processing management system, supply of materials and the manufacturing process is carried out speedily, meaning that we can achieve faster delivery dates etc, efficiently.

Technology: There are many companies who just make the hardware parts of printed circuit boards and unit assembly goods. However at 'Active' we also design and make the software along with the hardware and also undertake development for these products. If you can tell us what products you will be requiring from now on, design and production will be handled by our specialized staff. We also aim to cut the customers total cost in the development and manufacturing process.

Qualities: Through our abundance of skilled staff and years of experience, we carry out the design, production and development of all software and hardware, as well as making proposals on added value products. With high technology with which we can meet our customers needs, we make proposals at many levels, then put great effort into seeing the customers total cost reduction become reality. Just like all of our product lines we can dispatch a sales representative for discussions and face to face meetings anywhere in Japan. For our overseas manufactured products we can not only import straight to Japan but can also deliver to your desired location overseas also. We can achieve delivery speeds on overseas produced products that can't even be beaten here in Japan. By ordering materials from overseas parts makers as an alternate plan we can guarentee reduced costs.

Uses: Refrigeration equipment, automatic energy saving machinery & tools, medical equipment, sensor goods.