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Vehicle Wiring Harness

About Vehicle Wiring Harnesses..

We have split up this product line into 2 main categories those mainly produced for regular vehicles for use on public roads and those for industrial use machinery.
Sales Dept.G, Shigeru Hineno

Facilities: The use of automatic disconnecting bonding machines, semi-automatic bonding machines, part heater bonding machinary and the like,are in transition in our automation process. As for applicator's (bonding metal pattern) we handle equipment from Yazaki Corporation Inc., Sumitomo Electric Inc. and a few other companies products.
Recently we have faced and dealt with the challenges and solutions waterproof connectors and environmental issues.

Delivery Time: Basically to be able to carry out incoming order production, irrespective of whether production is carried out internationally or domestically, we are sharp and able to fulfill orders speedily. For example until now, we have had success in the delivery of wire harnesses with 200 circuit breakers, which takes about 2 weeks to produce. Even in overseas production right from the supply of the parts to production then final delivery only takes 1 month.

Workflow: Our management team have disposition over all workflow processes, right from delivery times to quality control and even costing they take complete responsibility in their management.

Technology: For parts development, blue print analysis and delivery management we can deal with all the necessary elements down to the last detail, we are also fully able to handle the process of automation. Right to the very end we make great effort day and night to make everything 'automated' and even making it our catch phrase.

Qualities: Both internationally and domestically produced goods are made to the exact same specifications. As for blue-prints, if you can provide us with roughly sketched plans we can provide for your needs right from the selection of parts to costing details. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to collaborate with you.

Uses: 1. General vehicle (refrigerated vehicles, tankers etc.)@
2. Agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, tractors, rice planting machinery, rice drying machinery, etc.)
3. Construction machinery (shovel Vehicles, bulldozers,foil loaders, cranes etc.)@
4. Electric Golf Carts
5. Welfare systems (Vehiclee lifts, electric Carts etc)
6. Other (Vehicle air conditioning systems, vehicle computer systems)