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Company profile

Company Name Active Co, Ltd.
Established March 22nd 1991
Founded February 1st 1990
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000 Japanese Yen
President Sato Takashi
Address Head Offiice
1-10 Tsugiya 2 Cho-me,
Amagasaki City,
TEL 81-6-6498-7831
FAX 81-6-6498-4871
Factory Premises
Shinsei Densou Ltd.
1-10 Tsugiya 2 Cho-me,
Amagasaki City,
Trading Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Amagasaki Branch
Risona Bank, Amagasaki Kita Branch



1989.02 'Active' was first established with its main focus on the sale of electric and electronic finished goods at Tsugiya 2 Cho-me, Amagasaki.

With 5 million yen paid in capitol 'Active Co., Ltd.' was re-established as a registered corporation at Tsugiya 1 Cho-me, Amagasaki.

1990.06 For a manufactured goods division within in the head office, 3 million yen capitol was raised and 'Associate Ltd.' was established.
1992.05 Capitol stock was raised to 10 million yen.
1993.05 For the purpose of supply of overseas processed goods and parts in Taiwan, with capitol of 5,000,000 Taiwan Dollars a joint venture with 'Sure-Fire Electrical Corporation' was established.
1994.02 In Taiwan, we commenced our business partnership with local cable manufacturer 'Sure-Fire Electrical Corporation' with ourselves becoming the Osaka office.
1998.03 We had reached the mark of establishing of the 'Sure-Fire Electrical Corporation' Chinese manufacturing plant, through investing capital in equipment and fascilities, opening our China office at the same time as seeing the closure of 'Associate Ltd.'.

For the the purpose of build trade business within China we independently financed and established our Hong Kong based operations.
In Nishinagasu Amagaski we opened our receiving testing center, so on all imported products and domestically manufactured goods we can now operate thorough 'in-house' testing.

2000.08 ISO-9002 quality certification was awarded by the DNV Certification Foundation.
2001.05 Accompanying business expansion moved to our present premises.
2001.06 In order to expand domestic industrial machinary, general appliance, electric wire manufacturing, and for the even further expansion of our receiving testing center we established 'Shinsei Densou Ltd.,' with 3 million yen raised in capitol at Tsugiya 1 Chome and Kukuchi 2 Chome in Amagasaki City.
2001.08 USB (USB Implementers Forum)
1394 (1394 Trade Assosiation) DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) accreditation received.
2001.11 JEITA ( Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) accreditation received.
2002.03 Company name change of our Hong Kong operations to 'Shinsei Densou Limited.'.
2002.04 In collaboration with the local government sponsered 'Technology & Industry Development Area' we established a joint venture with 'Shinsei Electronics Shongshan Co., Ltd.' for the manufactuing of leads and wire cables, with public funding of 500,000 yen.
2003.05 Shinsei Densou Ltd.'s 2nd Factory land and building real estate was purchased.
2003.09 Change & renewal to the ISO-9002 Quality certification awarded by the DNV Certification Foundation.
2004.03 For the purpose of expansion, building real estate for the unification of Shinsei Densou's 1st and 2nd business units at Amagasaki's Tsugiya was purchased.