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PC Peripheral Cables

Serial ATA cable
Serial ATA cable
USB <A to MINI B> cable
USB <A to MINI B> cable
USB <A to B> cable
USB <A to B> cable
IEEE1394B cable
IEEE1394B cable
POF cable
POF cable
MINI Din cable
MINI Din cable
ATA66 cable
ATA66 cable
Flat cable
Flat cable
•ª”z cable
Separator cable

Affiliate Organizations

About PC Peripheral Cables..
Right up till now both personal computer and peripheral generated signals have been developed with many different types of interface, but now have become standardized. This means that we have seen many different kinds of interface appear in these times, but since a few years ago we have seen work progress on compatibility of standard interfaces, compatibility with the USB and IEEE1394 standard is now completely become uniform. At our company, in order to always be able to offer ultra fine products, more than anywhere, we carry out faster collection of data, development, production and sales. We have affiliations with USB 2.0, IEEE1394 and DVI organizations.
Sales Dept.2G, Hiroaki Izumi

Facilities: Production is mainly carried out at our overseas plants, we have full access to a great variety of manufacturing and testing equipment. In our domestic facilities we take pride in having equipment which cannot be beaten overseas.

Delivery Times:
Generally it is thought that goods manufactured overseas will increase delivery time, but here at 'Active' due to our highly skilled work scheduling representatives' planning management, we have established a completely logical production line and are able to meet short delivery times. Also the rapid supply of materials means that we have seen even further success in handling a fast delivery.
Technology: Both domestically and internationally just as many other connector manufacturers along with their partner cable manufacturers we accumulate great technological strength by carrying out development together. Of course we have gained ISO9001accreditation. Recently have also received the HDMI Standard and taking pride in always being involved in the development of the industry's lead products. In peripheral products the constant obstruction of noise is counter measured by noise reduction cable and are in mass production through our partnership with FDK Co., Ltd. These are used in many kinds of PC and peripheral device harnesses.

Status: We are presently preparing for ISO14000 accreditation.

Uses: Inter device connection cables, personal computer and peripheral internal cables, display cables.